How I Work

How I Work

Touch Release is a philosophy that the bodyworker does not “fix” anything, but rather assists one to release, or remove, barriers to experiencing their true nature. We experience pain or illness when our own energy is blocked. Energy blockage is the result of our thought system (through experiences and ideas) and/or environmental contaminants. Releasing these bodily, or physical, sensations can help one remember what it feels like to be free and expansive.

Principally, I don’t work on just one level, the physical, but all levels.

When engaged in bodywork, I take on a stand of waking meditation while engaged in bodywork. This state can be and is transmitted to the client. In this state of “no thought,” energy can be released and tissues softened. Events that may have attributed to the blockage may be re-experienced before final resolution and release. This is sometimes referred to as healing crisis. Ultimately, one’s own well-being may be restored.

Sessions are deeper (not deep tissue), the results last longer, and more precise in releasing soreness or structural problems than a traditional Swedish massage. My signature treatment, Touch Release, is my own method of bodywork. Read more about my practices under Services.

 I am a U.S. Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist through NCBTMB and follow the NCBTMB Code of Ethics and NCBTMB Standards of Practice.

Clients can help themselves improve the most in treatment if they are engaged in other activities of release – various forms of bodywork, meditation and prayer. It is not my goal to maintain a client indefinitely, but rather to assist you in your journey towards wholeness until my service is no longer needed.